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Ди Джей Про ЕООД

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Цената е с включено ДДС!

Описание за продукта


  • An incredible powerful moving beam projector based on the legendary Philips MSD Platinum 5R lamp!
  • The advanced optics guarantee an incredibly bright beam with excellent specs:
    • Brightness : 200.000lux @ 10m and 60.000lux @ 20m!
    • Zoom: 1° ~ 3.8°
    • DMX-controlled electronic focus
    • Frost filter
    • Fast rotating 8-facet prism for special effects
    • 17 sharp gobos + open
    • 14 carefully selected dichroic colors + open
    • Very fast mechanical dimmer/shutter
    • Different strobe  functions
    • Remote lamp on/off control
  • The very fast pan/tilt movements (540°/270°) assure very dynamic show programming.
  • 8 or 16bit resolution pan/tilt resolution with position correction.
  • The matrix LCD-display assures easy navigation in the different setup menus
  • Battery backup makes it possible to configure the machine while the machine is not connected to the mains.
  • Different DMX channel modes for maximum flexibility
  • Easy firmware updates keep your machine up-to-date at all times (optional firmware updater needed)
  • Remote DMX-addressing
  • Neutrik 3pin & 5pin in/outputs for maximum flexibility in a professional environment
  • Neutrik Powercon in/outputs: up to 15 units can be daisy chained for easy installation

Technical Information

  • Power consumption :  290W
  • Dimensions :  415 x 343 487mm
  • Weight :  19kg


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