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WMS-100 WMS-100
Категория:Професионално озвучаване
- подкатегория:Микрофони
Цената е с включено ДДС!

Телефон за връзка0888 600 106

Описание за WMS-100

  • UHF wireless microphone system including WMIC-100 hand microphone.
  • Hand microphone can  be used with rechargeable batteries!
  • Diversity reception for better stability and avoid signal dropouts.
  • Adjustable squelch for stable reception, free from unwanted noise.
  • Tone squelch for improved reliability.
  • 16 selectable frequencies via PLL synthesizer: up to 6 sets can be used together.
  • Antennas on front panel for easy rack mounting.
  • Optional “RP-WMIC" 19" adapter available for rack mounting of 1 or 2 receivers<./li>
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced jack output.
  • Frequency range: 823-832/863-865MHz (free use in most European countries)


  • Carrier Frequency range: 823-832/863-865MHz
  • Frequency Stability: ±0,005%
  • Receiving Sensitivity: @ 5μV  S/N ratio >80dB
  • Image and Spurious Rejection: 80 dB minimum
  • Selectivity: >50dB
  • Modulation Mode: FM
  • Receiver type: PLL synthesized, switching diversity
  • IF Frequency: 1st: 243.95MHz ~ 2nd: 10.7MHz
  • Tone Signal: 32,768KHz
  • S/N ratio: >94dB, @ 20kHz deviation & 60mV antenna input
  • AF Response: 80Hz to 15kHz (±3dB)
  • T.H.D.: Less than 1,0% (at 1kHz)
  • Power Supply: DC 12V ~ 18V
  • Audio Output: Balanced & unbalanced outputs (Mic.= -20dB / Line = 0dB)
  • Current consumption: 130mA  +/-10mA

Handheld microphone transmitter

  • Carrier Frequency range: 823-832/863-865MHz
  • RF Power Output: 10mW (max.)
  • Oscillation Mode: PLL synthesized, 16Channel selectable
  • Frequency Stability:  ±0,005%
  • Maximum Deviation: ±20kHz with limiting compressor
  • Spurious Emission:    >60dB below carrier frequency
  • T.H.D.: <1,0% (at 1KHz)
  • Microphone Capsule: uni-directional dynamic
  • Tone Signal:    32,768 kHz
  • Battery: DC 3V (2x 1,5V AA size alkaline batteries )  OR DC 2.4V (2x 1,2V AA size rechargeable batteries)
  • Current consumption: 120mA  ±10mA @ 3V